Sunday, August 8, 2010

GB Road Delhi

GB road. I guess most people visiting this blog have idea about the place.:)..if not i l provide you the full details here. 
Now its a very safe and cheap place to have sex in Delhi. Still points to keep in mind:
  • Gud condoms.
  • Carry minimal cash.200 Rs is enough for a trip. Plus you can tip the girl around 100 Rs dat will help you to relax and njoy.Otherwise she wl hurry you up.Full nite is around 500+ tip.You can order beer or food.
  • Leave your mobile at home or in ur car.
  • Dont Consult any touts who will try to help you like crazy.
  • Dere s a Building called 64. its a very old one.very safe.
  • Dont panic if you see police.
  • Avoid any brawl.
  • Its a buisness area so parking car there is very safe.
If you keep this points in mind it will help you to enjoy. And its a very good place otherwise. You just visit the brothels choose your girl you will notice pimps sitting there either in a table or chair or an aunty type.Give 200rs to the girl she will guide you the rest. Hope this helps. NJOYYY